• • Pre approval in 5 days
  • • Citizenship approval in 3 months
  • • Passports & ID’s issued within 6 months


  • • Pure investment - no donation element
  • • Main investment can be sold after three years
  • • Investment can generate a good return


  • • Investor and spouse
  • • Dependent children up to age 28
  • • Parents of main investor
  • • Citizenship passed on by descent


  • • No residency requirement
  • • No tax consequences
  • • No need to relinquish current nationality
  • • No language requirement, medical test, interview


We are so confident in the process and approval rate of our citizenship program that we offer a full money-back guarantee should the application be declined. Additionally, funds are deposited in a secure account that requires the signature of the independent appointed lawyer in order to be released.


Investment in Cypriot companies

The applicant must have made a minimum investment of at least €2,0 million (excl. VAT) in the purchase or participation in businesses or companies, that are based and operating in Cyprus. These businesses or companies need to have a robust presence and substantial activity in Cyprus. The companies need to further employ at least five (5) Cypriot or EU citizens who have been legally residing in Cyprus for at least 5 years.

Real estate and land developing

The applicant should hold a direct investment in Cyprus amounting to a minimum of €2,0 million (excl. VAT) for the acquisition or development of real estate projects. Please note however that the acquisition of land is not considered to be a qualifying investment under this criterion.

Investment in AIFs or financial assets of Cypriot businesses

The applicant is required to purchase financial assets amounting to a minimum of €2,0 million (excl. VAT) in alternative investments which may include funds, bonds, debentures, and other securities issued in the Republic of Cyprus, in companies or organisations with substantial economic activity in Cyprus which are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Combination of investments

The applicant may choose to proceed with a combination of any of the above investments, with a total investment amount of at least €2,0 million (excl. VAT). Such combination may also include the acquisition of government bonds of the Republic of Cyprus for a maximum amount of €500.000.

BDSwiss offers a fully diversified portfolio through its portfolio management service which meets all the aforementioned criteria.

BDSwiss’ Investment Portfolio may include:

1. Real Estate Investment Opportunities (minimum € 500,000)

2. Government Bonds (maximum € 500,000)

3. BDSwiss Equities (minimum € 500,000)

Total investment mix must be €2.5 million


  • • Fast-track procedure. Approval of citizenship application within three months (simultaneous submission of residency and citizenship applications)
  • • The investor retains the investment in BDSwiss and Government Bonds for only 3 years after which period s/he is free to realise it
  • • No physical residence requirements. The only requirement is one visit to the country every seven years
  • • Citizenship is also granted to the parents, spouse and dependent children of the investor
  • • No language requirement
  • • No obligation to relinquish current nationality
  • • Low tax rates and free trade within the EU
  • • Unrestricted right to live, work and study in Europe
  • • Right to own property in an EU member state
  • • VISA-free travel to 168 countries worldwide
  • • Dual-citizenship permitted and the acquisition of citizenship in Cyprus is not reported to other countries
  • • Low government fees for the filing of the application


To qualify for BDSwiss E.U. citizenship through investment program, applicants must fulfill one of the investment options above and hold it for three years in addition to meeting the following criteria:

  • • Possess a valid passport
  • • Hold no criminal record
  • • The main applicant’s property must not frozen within the boundaries of the EU
  • • Be a resident before being granted citizenship (hence the simultaneous application for both residency and citizenship for non-residents)
  • • Own a permanent private residence in the Republic of Cyprus with a purchase price of at least €500,000 excluding VAT
  • • Invest a total of €2/€2.5 million in property and/or local businesses




Invest in a steady fast growing broker with the potential of high returns


Build a diversified portfolio. Invest in a variety of sectors of the Cyprus economy


Obtain an EU Passport within just 3 months


Reside, work & study freely in any EU member state (incl. Switzerland, Norway, Iceland & Liechtenstein)


Improve your Global Mobility Score and enjoy visa-free travel to over 150 countries


Your investment can be realised after a period of 3 years


In order to meet the demands of its clients BDSwiss has prepared a balanced portfolio which meets the necessary investment criteria including the qualified asset types as set out by the Cyprus Government. The portfolio aims to protect the investor from total exposure to one particular asset type with a combination of local Equities, Bonds as well as Real Estate. BDSwiss is a licensed financial institution with unique access to the local financial markets and shall upon request procure a term sheet with a detailed asset list.

Please speak to a BDSwiss Representative for portfolio asset allocation and cost optimisation options.


Total Percentage Allocation Asset Type Amount in EUR
20% Real Estate in CY €500,000
60% Share Equity in BDSwiss €1,500,000
20% CY Government Bonds* €500,000

* CY Government Bonds carry today a yearly interest coupon of 2.75%
The asset portfolio does not include citizenship application costs (approximately 40k Euro in total)
The asset portfolio does not include transaction costs for asset acquisition (courtage and legal fees for acquisition of the property approximately 5-7% of the value)